MAS Queens raises over $100,000 at December Fundraiser

MAS Queens and Long Island would like to thank all those who attended the Ibn Sina Center Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, December 13, 2014. Thanks also to those who have donated generously to help us reach our fundraising goals. Special thanks to our fundraisers, guest speakers, and presenters. Below are some photos from the event.

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Project Overview

The new Ibn Sina Community Center project will be approximately nine times larger than the current facilities combined. The new facility is located in Astoria, Queens adjacent to a number of major highways including the Grand Central Parkway and Brooklyn Queens Expressway making it conveniently accessible to the entire community. The new facility will allow providing the following to the Queens Community and NYC at large:

Ibn Sina Academy

A key goal and focus of the Ibn Sina Center is the Academy. The Ibn Sina Academy will be a non-profit private day school serving grades K-12. The Academy will provide an exemplary education abiding by the NY Board of Education’s core curriculum of studies in an Islamic environment. The Academy aims to instill in youth a pride in their Islamic values, heritage, and culture and to provide them with a balanced knowledge and faith-based curriculum. The Academy’s namesake, Ibn Sina, was himself a renowned scholar who pursued studies in various academic fields: medicine, poetry, psychology, geography, and more .We encourage our students to broaden their horizons in the same means.


Weekend School

The weekend school will cater to the population of Muslim Americans in the public school system whose families wish to instill in them knowledge of their cultural and religious heritage. Expanding on the current weekend school model offering Arabic studies, Quran interpretation, and balanced Islamic studies and serving 500 students, the weekend school will be created to serve up to 1500 students, 1000 of whom we already have already expressed interest.

Quran Institute

The Quran Institute will offer part-time and full-time curricula with an experienced Hafiz and both male and female Quran instructors. The Institute will allow the memorization of the Holy Quran through modern methodologies catering to all ages, from four years to adults.

Arabic Institute

The Arabic Institute will be a means for both Muslims and non-Muslims to work toward fluency in the Arabic language, be exposed to Arabic culture through multimedia, and examine Arabic literature. The Institute will offer classes to both non-heritage and heritage speakers, across three main levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Youth Center

The Youth Center will be a membership-based activities space for youth to remain healthy, active, and develop confidence to betomorrow’s leaders. Youth will learn personal development and will be driven toward social action and responsibility toward their community. The center will operate through an independent office space with full-time professional staff. The Youth Center will offer the following in its first years of operation:

a.     Soccer League

b.     Leadership Development Seminars

c.     Youth Lounge Space with Cafeteria, Computers, Flat-screen T.V.s, Gaming System

d.     Career Counseling

e.     Boy and Girl Scouts


Sports Complex

Mens sana in corpore sano is Latin for “A sound mind in a sound body”. The Sports Complex will be founded on balancing an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Today, youth below the age of 18 often face obstacles to find facilities to practice sports. Our center will offer supervised sports activities to children, adult fitness spaces and wellness programs. Based on the YMCA model, the Ibn Sina Sports Complex will provide the following facilities and more:

a. 3 indoor basketball courts

b. Swimming pool

c. Full fitness Center with separate sections for Men and Women with Cardio machines, Core-strengthening classes

d. Martial Arts Space

Social and Community Services

A large segment of our community is of an immigrant population. Queens county is, by essence, a melting pot of different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Understanding the needs of families and first-generation children in adjusting to a life in the United States, the Ibn Sina Center plans to offer the following and more:

a.     Family Counseling

b.     Health & Wellness Programs

c.     Family Assistance and Orphan Support

d.     Family Camps and Trips

e.     Annual Hajj/Pilgrimage and Ummrah Trips

Cultural and Interfaith Space

The Cultural and Interfaith Space will serve a dual purpose: First, to enhance Muslims and non-Muslims’ understanding of Islam in the ‘West’ and Second, for members of all faiths to engage in critical questions regarding the compatibility of faith with modern-day life. The outreach programs of the Cultural and interfaith space will allow for the following and more:

a. Interfaith Dialogue

b. Common cause cross-cultural activities

c. Voter and Civic Engagement           


There will be a spatially centralized Masjid connected to the three basketball courts via sliding doors which will be used for larger occasions, i.e. Eid and Ramadan worship. This space will accommodate up to 2000 students and community members.


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